Sprinter Ghillie Custom (SCG / Scghillie) - Which product suit my style?

Sprinter Ghillie Custom (SCG / Scghillie) - Which product suit my style?





First thing first, what is your playstyle and airsoft is using? Runner? Sniper? Rifle? Like to sneak slowly behind the enemies?

We divided the products into 2 characters

- Ghillie Rilfeman

- Ghillie Sniper

Executive summary

A little explanation of the term:

Viper Hood Pro = From the hood to your arms, non back covering

Cape = Attach on Viper Hood Pro, covering the back

Cobra = One-piece cover from head to your arms til at the end of your back

Next Gen = Haloscreen Product


We suggest

Rilfeman - Viper Hood Pro (Half Sleeve)

Rilfeman - Viper Hood Pro (Long Sleeve)

Rilfeman / Sniper - Viper Hood Pro (Half Sleeve) + Cape v2

Rilfeman / Sniper - Viper Hood Pro (Long Sleeve) + Cape v2 

Rilfeman / Sniper - Viper Hood Pro Cape v2

Sniper - Cobra suit

Rifleman - Next Gen Viper Hood Pro

Sniper - Next Gen Cobra Suit

Rilfeman / Sniper- Next Gen Viper Hood Pro + Cape V2

Rilfeman / Sniper - Next Gen Cape V2


Viper Hood Pro (Long Sleeve vs Half Sleeve)

The viper hood pro itself without cape is more suitable for rifleman to use. It create better mobility to the users while attacking or falling back. It can also show your gears like plate carrier / chest rig out which most players prefer.

Here's come the problem, long sleeve or half sleeve for me?

I would say it really depends on the user preference. Long Sleeve provide better concealment but with ghillie might result some players get stuck while frequently reload the rifle. Meanwhile you are losing some concealment using half sleeve. For personal preference, we understand that some of us would like to show their original suit sleeve out under ghillie so that half sleeve should be a choice for you.


Viper Hood Pro + Cape v2 or not or Cobra suit?

That might be a question to you when you are choosing a combo set or just the Viper Hood Pro. With the cape the function is just like the Cobra suit. However, because the Viper Hood Pro + Cape v2 is not one-piece, this might cause the the cape flapping and not covering enough both sides of the body.


If you are using plate carrier, Viper Hood Pro might be more suitable for you.


Before talking about the advantages of cape, we must know that if your arms move and then the other parts of the suit will follow the movement when you wearing the one-piece ghillie. This might explode where you at so it requires slow motion of movement. In this case, cape will not cause that kind of problem.

On the other hand, Viper Hood + Cape v2 provide 2 kind of playstyles. If you have both sniper and rifle, you can use the Viper Hood Pro only and attach the Cape v2 while playing sniper.

The Cobra suit are one-piece and cannot be separated. This is more suitable for sniper as both sides of your body will be covered by the ghillie. You can sneak slowly and till reaching the enemies back easier compare to Viper Hood Pro, but again, it is really based on what you like and needs. There is no absolute choice for you as a sniper or rifleman.


Left is the Next Gen Viper Hood Pro + Vape v2. Right is the Next Gen Cobra Suit


Next Gen or Jute (Standard Version) Viper Hood Pro / Cobra

We can see that Jute and Next Gen Viper Hood have significantly price different.

For the explanation and detail about Next Gen. You can check out  HALOSCREEN - THE BEST GHILLIE CAMOUFLAGING MATERIALS 最強吉利偽裝物料

After reading: https://www.ghilliesuitshop.com/pages/natural-jute-vs-synthetic-thread-ghillie-suit, below is the summary

Jute Camouflaging materials


- Fit for most environment 

- Hardly destroy the human shape to confuse the enemies

- Military use

- Stronger than other materials


- More difficult to clean

- Heavier

- might be stuck by branches



Next Gen Camouflaging materials (Haloscreen)


- Easy to clean

- Similar to the free grower

- Show different color base on dim and bright 

- High resistance to the environment

- Odor-less & Non-allergenic

- Mildew resistant

- Rot-proof

- Lightweight


- Not big enough to destroy the human shape 

It would provide the best concealment result if combining two of them. If you are critical players, you might consider buying standard version and adding the haloscreen on; or buy the Next Gen and attaching jute on. The latter one should be easier.


Rifle Camo System

It came with 2 camo mesh which is Silencer/Rail and Scope. You can quick attach on the rifle and remove easily. Now you can apply ghillie on every airsoft that you are going to run.

For more information of the detail, please check out:



Compare to the normal bonnie that you can buy from stores, it provides you better breathability through the mesh top and you can also attach camouflaging materials on it



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