Haloscreen - the best ghillie camouflaging materials

Haloscreen - the best ghillie camouflaging materials



What is Halo Screen?

First of all, can you tell me which materials are being used as camouflaging materials in the pics below?

It looks like the leaf right? Actually it is not the leaf shape camouflaging material. It is something similar to mesh cloth and being twisted into shape like leafs.

Below is the Le Covert Sartorialist Halo Screen – Deluxe from skirmshop.nl


Why it is the extremely powerful materials to attach on your ghillie suit?

According to Sprinter Ghillie Custom (SCG), there are certain advantages:

  1. High resistance to extremely adverse weather conditions

2.Anti IR

  1. High resistance to mechanical damage
  2. Small volume after compressing

Furthermore, it manages reflectance of 3D camouflage patterns. More than being looked like leafy in the environment, it also reflects different color in different scenarios. Let say, you lay down somewhere gloomy under the tree shadow, it provides you a dim appearance. If you expose under the sun, it makes you look fresh. No matter in what situation in the jungle or grassland, the purpose of this is transforming your haloscreen being looked like the free grower and being part of nature which hiding where you at.

which hiding where you at.

Why Haloscreen is rare and how to get one?

Haloscreen is extremely popular among airsofters in Europe and only sold by Skirmshop. Famous ghillie sniper “kickingmustang” is apply them on his own ghillie suit and show the concealing skills in the environment.

Unfortunately, because of the power and trend of it, it is out of the stock most of time. Even if they are in stock, it will be sold out within a day or a week for the starter pack. Plus the price of it, €159,95 for the deluxe version and €45,95 for the starter kit but I consider this is reasonable, worthy and high-end.

Someone might ask "how about normal mesh cloth we get from store or online?". That is not something normal mesh cloth can compare to after several testing.

Below is the normal mesh cloth

Normal mesh cloth

Haloscreen on our products

Haloscreen is being used on our SCG products in the name of “Next Gen” which including

- Next Gen viper hood pro

- Next Gen cape v2

- Next Gen Cobra

- Next Gen Rifle Camo System

- Next Gen Command Bonnie

Rather than that, we find that the Halosceen is a perfect match with Finpat Camo. Therefore, we suggest ordering Finpat as the base camo of Next Gen Products.



Example of Haloscreen in action


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