What is ''Ghillie'' and why do you need one?



What is "ghillie suit"?

Ghillie suit is a camouflaging suit. The traditional one is fishing net with jute and mesh cloth sewing on the clothes to destroy the human shape, further be part of the environment to confuse the enemies.


There are two factors of why a nice quality ghillie suit provide good concealment:

  • Ghillie suit destroy the human shape
    Except facial features,  the shape of neck is one of the factors for us to recognize if the object is "human". Therefore, ghillie suit provide good concealment effect base on destroy the human shape of the neck, and decrease the recognition of "human" to increase the successful of camouflaging.

  • Similarities between camouflaging materials and weed
    After the neck shape has been destroy, it is not difficult to hide yourself if you are choosing the right camouflaging materials which jute, mesh cloth, fake weed and 3D leaf are mostly being chose. These kind of materials are similar to the nature environment such as weed and beaches due to the color and degree of reflection.

A ghillie sniper wearing ghillie suit in the middle of the photo, can you see that?


Why do we need a ghillie suit?

During on the airsoft field, most of the sniper airsofters love ambushing others with their ghillie suit. Meanwhile in the movies or video games, sniper are always hide themselves underbrush and waiting for the prey. No matter in airsoft or media, we normally think that ghillie is hot, heavy and bulky which inconvenience while moving. Ghillie Suit can provide excellent camouflage effect but because of those disadvantage(cannot show off the gears), There is still lack of ghillie airsofters on the field.

Classic sniper

After years and years pass, ghillie gears are not only representing sniper. For those rilfeman, it is easy for them to get close to the target with a effective camouflage. It causes the enemies spending more time on search for ghillieman; and for squad that equipped ghillie suit, it is more flexible for them to attack or leave the battle areas.

Squad with ghillie suit provides better tactical strategies


Therefore, Viper Hood is the best choice for both rilfeman and sniper. Based on the flexibility needs of rifleman, viper hood is only covering the neck and shoulder areas. It effectively destroy the human shape of neck areas and make convenience for equipping different chest rigs and plate carriers. The breathable mesh of viper hood allows us to be sprinter and comfortable.

Viperhood which made by breathable mesh

On the other hand, camouflage materials is not limited to jute and leafs. “HALOSCREEN ” is lightweight and adapt into more environment.

Using haloscreen to conduct SCG NextGun Rifle Camo system


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