scg nextgen viperhood
scg nextgen viperhood
scg nextgen viperhood
Nextgen viperhood
scg nextgen viperhood
scg nextgen viperhood
scg nextgen viperhood
scg nextgen viperhood
scg nextgen viperhood



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Custom ghillie, please refer to CUSTOM GHILLIE 客製吉利服

[Asia Edition]

Compatible with Asia environment, keeps you invisible in the jungle. All camo material has been attached on the suit, therefore this is a complete version of ghillie suit, ready to use, no modification is needed.

Product description:

- Hand crafted product, natural color scheme 

- Effectively break the human shape outline, provide superior concealment 

- Robe covers back and sides of the human body, provide more angle of concealment

- Easy to access the tactical gears 

- Product with mesh cloth, provide good breathability

- Haloscreen is lightweight and highly adaptive to diverse environment

Brand: Sprinter Custom Ghillie (SCG / scghillie)

Materials: Mesh Cloth, Haloscreen

Weight (with package):

Size: Free size

Learn more about Haloscreen


HALO SCREEN is a revolutionary technology of personal masking. The system allows you to create ultra-light modular masks that have high adaptive properties in a diverse environment.

Properties of HALO SCREEN:

  • The mask is ready for use after being pulled out of the box
  • High resistance to extremely adverse weather conditions
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Small volume after compressing
  • Works in nIR

Cobra Suit - maskhalat designed specifically for conducting long-term sniper action in the realities of modern armed conflict. Modern cut allows for a maximum use of the potential inherent in the present-day uniform and equipment systems. The materials used in the production determine the quality of maskhalat. In addition, thanks to the use of specialized synthetic design mesh a whole suit is extremely light and airy, even after applying the masking stuffing.

Because of the wide range of applications suit fits perfectly into the framework of the dynamic battlefield. Thanks to modern base for stuffing, it is extremely easy to maintain continuity of camouflage regardless of the field of action.

The advanced drawstring system allows for instant and intuitive fitting masking to every type of body and personal equipment.

Hood’s cut is designed to match the requirements of modern asymmetric operations, that put in front of user a variety of tactical situations. Thanks to that it is possible to use the masking with equipped any headgear, including helmets and ballistic helmets.

The unique compression system used in the construction of maskhalat allows for an instant reduction of the outfit’s size to carry it in the transport position without usage of any additional covers/cases.